Spider Veins in Jersey City, NJ

Vein and Skin Studio of Bayonne serves the residents of New Jersey, who desire treatment for conditions such as spider veins. Patients receive superior care and treatment from Dr. Zbigniew Moszczynski, a board-certified specialist trained in general surgery and phlebology.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are the common name for a condition involving the appearance of tiny, branching veins or blood vessels on the legs or face. Spider veins develop in the upper sections of the skin and appear as red, purple, or blue in color. They are not restricted to only small areas of the skin, but can develop over large areas as well. Spider veins are linked to higher-than-normal pressure within the blood vessels.

Spider veins are not only a cosmetic concern, but they can also cause physical problems pain and discomfort. They may also be caused by a serious condition called venous reflux.

What are the Causes of Spider Veins?

Spider veins and varicose veins are the result of poor blood circulation. The veins are blood vessels that transport blood back to the heart to receive oxygen. Sometimes, the valves inside the veins do not function properly, allowing blood to flow back down into the extremities and pool. When this happens, the small veins weaken and become swollen, leading to the development of spider veins.

Other factors that can contribute to spider veins are female hormones, birth control pills, puberty, pregnancy, or hormone replacement therapy. They may develop following an injury or as a result of wearing tight-fitting clothes. Spider veins are often hereditary, but can also be linked to exposure to sunlight. The condition is found in about 75 percent of women and is rarer among men.

What Should I do if I Have Spider Veins?

Spider veins are not a medical issue but instead represent a cosmetic one. If you would like your spider veins to be treated, please contact us to set up a consultation. Spider veins derive their name from the fact that they often seem to radiate out from a center location. They can also develop as lines and branches stemming from one trunk. Many people consider spider veins to be an unsightly annoyance. Vein and Skin Studio is here to help you each step of the way in attaining healthier-looking skin that does not contain any visible spider veins.

What is the Treatment for Spider Veins?

Sclerotherapy is a method commonly used to treat spider veins appearing in the legs and ankles. It involves injections that do not require anesthesia. The technique was pioneered in the 1930s and is considered to be safe and effective. Its goal is the permanent removal of unwanted spider veins and any pain associated with them.

The process involves the injection of a solution into the vein that causes it to collapse. The procedure is regarded as safe, and pain is minimal because veins are not a critical component of the venous system. The veins usually respond well to the treatment, and fade within six weeks. A sclerotherapy session typically requires about 30 minutes. Anywhere from two to six sessions are required, depending upon the patient, to achieve optimal results.

Spider Veins Treatment Recovery

After the treatment, the patient may resume daily activities. Exercise is not limited. In fact, it is encouraged in order to speed circulation and the healing process, although highly strenuous physical activity is restricted. You will need to wear compression stockings for the prevention of blood clots. Some bruising is common, which will fade in time.

Please have a look at these spider vein treatment before and after pictures.

How Much Does Spider Veins Treatment Cost?

The cost varies, depending upon the unique circumstances of each individual patient. Vein and Skin Studio will accept payment in the form of cash, personal check, and credit cards. We also offer convenient financing options via CareCredit®.

Cosmetic enhancement is a chief factor for those seeking spider veins treatment, but Dr. Zbigniew Moszczynski — a board-certified general surgeon and phlebologist — recognizes that pain relief is also a great concern among patients in Bayonne and the neighboring towns in New Jersey. Please contact Vein and Skin Studio today to schedule your appointment.