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Am I a Candidate in Jersey City, NJ

New Jersey residents who are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of vein abnormalities in their legs should contact Vein and Skin Studio today to see if they would make a good candidate for vein treatment (laser therapy and/or sclerotherapy). Dr. Zbigniew Moszczynski is a highly-skilled physician that has helped countless patients with medical and cosmetic treatments for these common vein abnormalities.

Veins will often stretch and become enlarged when their walls have been damaged or weakened in any way. For the majority of patients, this is a result of their genetics, and cannot be prevented. Outside of one’s genetics, some of the most common risk factors include trauma to the legs, prolonged periods of standing or sitting, gaining weight, and pregnancy.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Vein Treatment?

Patients that are in relatively good health and have realistic expectations about professional vein treatments make the best candidates for this procedure.

There are only a few variables that will make a patient ineligible for laser treatment or sclerotherapy, such as being confined to bed. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should wait at least three months after the delivery, or they are done nursing before undergoing sclerotherapy. Anyone who has had blood clots or ulcers in the past will have his or her eligibility determined on an individual basis.

As always, the single best way to determine if you would make a good candidate for this treatment is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moszczynski.

How to Determine if You are a Candidate for Vein Treatment

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you may want to consider laser vein ablation or sclerotherapy.

Q: Do you or any of your family members have a medical history that includes venous reflux or varicose veins?

Q: Have you ever noticed any of these characteristics:

  • Changes to the color or texture of the skin surrounding a varicose vein
  • Veins that are large, bulging, or swollen
  • Redness or warmth near the varicose vein

Q: Are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms in your feet, ankles or legs:

  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Itching or burning in the legs
  • Restless legs
  • Pain such as a dull ache or cramp
  • Ulcers on the skin (typically near the ankles)
  • Tenderness near the varicose veins

Q: Have you ever been diagnosed with skin ulcers, or noticed any injuries on your legs that were slow to heal?

Q: Have you previously attempted any of these conservative treatment options without success:

  • A healthy diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Compression products, including bandages, socks, and stockings
  • Elevating your legs as often as possible (especially while sleeping)
  • Avoiding standing and sitting for long periods of time

Anyone who lives in Bayonne or the surrounding communities in New Jersey who has answered yes to any of these questions should contact Vein and Skin Studio today to set up a consultation. Dr. Moszczynski is a friendly and experienced physician who can help you understand your own options for treating abnormal or damaged veins.